The Ceiling Fans With Remote

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Ceiling fans with remote is actually a small radio transmitter that sends a signal to the fan to control its function. If you purchased a new control or you are changing to one of “universal” type that can control multiple devices, you must configure the control to match the ceiling fan.

Instructions to configure remote ceiling fans

  1. Get the motor housing ceiling fans with remote and records the configuration DIP switch two, three or four digits. Said switch panel is usually located in one side of the motor housing towards the upper portion thereof, out of sight from the ground.
  2. Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote control. The cover is usually removed using a sliding thumb toward the end of the base or prying on said cover with a coin or screwdriver tip to unbuckle and reveal the battery compartment.
  3. Remove the battery or batteries of the remote, if necessary, to access the panel DIP switch on the ceiling fans with remote control.
  4. Change dip switch settings on the remote to match the ceiling fan determined in Step 1.
  5. Change the battery or batteries from the remote control if the removal was necessary. Reinstall the battery cover and test the function buttons control for effective response from the ceiling fan.
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