Essem Design Shoe Rack Room

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Shoe rack room – Beautiful rack Bill shoes from Swedish Maze creates order in the hall and into a friend’s shoes. Bill shoe rack designed by Louise Hederström and has the retro look of metal with wooden knobs like feet. Nice style shoe rack to combine with hangers on of the popular Bill series. The perfect shoe choice for those who want a good overview of your flat shoes. Store and organize from four to six pairs of shoes. Fitted with two snap-on brackets for forty deep. Integrated wheels make shoe racks glide silently and easy.

Hat and shoe rack of Essem Design Nostalgia designed in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty headed by Gunnar Bolin. The shoe rack shoe rack room has come and gone through several decades, but is now regarded as a classic in the history of Swedish furniture. The brackets are made from recycled aluminum held together by the staff of wood, aluminum and brass. Round rod length of one meter, but can be cut to the required length.

Race, and shoe racks create order – stem length closet, shoe rack room which keep the floor free dirty. Also available in variants with only a coat rack or shelf fits even better with one another. Coat rack will often put though the elements and fuse box in the street. Shoes create order with double shoe racks that keep the floor free. “

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