DIY Custom Balustrade Coffee Table

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Balustrade Coffee Table Simple

Balustrade Coffee Table – A coffee table is often a desirable piece of furniture, even if the room is limited in space. When it comes to comfortable incorporating a coffee table in a difficult situation, mobility tends to be the biggest problem. Consider creating a half-cane coffee table to fill the space. With a few quick insoles and a firm hand for the cut, you can make a half turn coffee table for your space in a couple of hour’s time.

Instructions: Place the 36-inch by 18-inch plywood on a flat surface. Place the wood horizontally so it is running 36 inches from left to right. Measure and mark the location of the center through the bottom edge of the plywood. Tie one end of the 20-inch chain around the thumbtack. Tie the opposite end of the chain around the pencil. Glue the thumbtack to the location of the center balustrade coffee table mark and rotate the chain around the pencil until there are 18 inches of string remaining between the grip and the pencil.

Place the pencil in the bottom left corner of the plywood balustrade coffee table. Pull the chain tight and draw a half circle template through the lower right corner. Remove pin from plywood. Cut along the semi-circle template using the jigsaw. Avoid cutting too fast as this can cause cut lines. Sand the edges with 220 grit sandpaper to remove plastic debris.

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