Build a PVC Pipe Dog Bed

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Pvc dog bed – the dog to lie down and allow him to stretch. Locate parts wider and longer than the dog. Using those spots, measure a square to accommodate the length and width dogs. Make the lines as straight as possible. Add 3-6 centimeters per side.  Then cut the PVC pipes to the measures you have taken. Cut two pipes to match the width is measured and two tubes the length is measured. Cut four pieces of pipe 4 inches long for the legs of the bed. Cut the fabric for the dog to rest on. Add 2 inches to the measures of all sides of the bed and cut the fabric so that it is twice as big as the bed. Then apply glue board inside the doors of the lower three-way corner connectors. The doors are holes in the bottom of the connector rather than in the form a “V” at the top. Insert the pipes leg into these holes and apply another ring of glue around the outside of the bottom of the tubes. Side PVC caps on the bottom of the tubes.

Paste the inside of the side doors on the corner connectors and slide the tubes for side doors. Allow the tubes to set for about 30 minutes. Raise the bed frame and place it over your dog, to control the size. After that fold the fabric in half and apply the adhesive fabric inside the crease, around the sides. Press the tissue together to form one piece, which makes it twice as loud. Leave the fabric adhesive to dry for 10 minutes. Then place the fabric on the floor and set the bed upside down on the fabric. Fold each corner of the fabric under the corner of the frame tube. Do not bend over the pipe of pvc dog bed. At this point, the angle of the 3-way connector is visible, but the sides of the connector will be covered when you fold the fabric on the tube.

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Pull each side of the fabric on the frame and PVC stretch each side to make the fabric tight. Screw a screw every three centimeters into the bottom the pipe of pvc dog bed.  And the last is turn the base of the dog and practice five screws on each top corner. The screws are placed one centimeter from the edge of the fabric and are evenly spaced angle. These screws must be screwed into the frame to hold the fabric in place.

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